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GT6 These sills have been replaced, correct?


Jedi Warrior
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I don't have a GT6 but normally Triumph used spot welds. However, I don't see a problem with those. Of course that would mean it was really not "rust free" over it's life time


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Hi Bob - my thoughts as well. They were done a long time ago, and seem solid now, but inland California cars don't generally need replacements there.

I also found cracking behind the passenger door at a weird spot. Any ideas on what would cause cracking here? That door fit looks a bit pinched to me too, no?



Luke Skywalker
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tom, reach under the car on each side under the door and back, or get down and have a look. Lots of folks do the outside, but very few do the inside. I can normally feel holes even with gloves on.



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Those spots almost look more like a braze than a weld, can you check for a brass color? That would be a dead giveaway as I don't believe these were ever brazed, spot welded yes. Interestingly I did find some brazing as original on my 4A on the very front of the front fender around where the grill ends fit to the fender contour. There may have been some brazing on the lower valence too.

Andrew Mace

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It all looks about right to me. You don't usually see those extra "brazing lumps" on the older cars, but you do on the "squaretail" models. As to the cracking at the base of the "B" post, I wouldn't worry about that, either. Given that the car seems to have had a rather indifferent repaint, that could just be filler cracking a bit. I suspect that, like the sills, there's a bit of brazing at the base of that post, which would have been "factory"!


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I don't recall for sure, but they may not have spot welded at the upper inner part of the sill you show. I have chiseled off two pair of these by hand now, you would think I might remember. I just took the inset on the front fender (very front) off an original TR4A fender. It was most definitely brazed on. But I don't recall seeing much brazing elsewhere on these cars.

The rocker looks like it is installed pretty well from what I can see. That gap at the back with the rear fender overlay is hard to get right.
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