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TR4/4A stubborn lever shock link


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Before I get too carried away pounding on the lever shock link to seperate it from the arm, wondering if the bolt on the link that attaches it to the arm is threaded into the arm? It seems more reasonable that it just slips through but I've whacked on it a few times and it's not budging so thought it a good idea to double check before I continue.. my intent is to replace the link bushings that I found in an obscure place in the moss catalogue but if anyone has done that and discovered it's not worth the hastle compared to just replacing the link, would greatly appreciate your input...
As always..Thanks


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
The joint to the shock arm is a locking taper similar to a tie rod end.
I use a tie rod separator (which has a forcing screw).


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Yep - taper. Mine required a combination of heat and strategic whacking on the side to get loose. Note, I did not care to keep the shock link as the rubber was history, and did not mind burning it some.
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