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Still wrenching after all these years!


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Hello fellow motorsports enthusiasts!
I'm SOOO glad that it's warming up after our brief but unpleasant winter! I'm usually out in my shop until 10 PM most of the year playing with my toys, reconfiguring the exhausts on one tonite, the 30+ inch glasspacks seem long overdue being empty of any fiberglass sound deadening stuff. Lots of stuff waiting to get in, engines to build etc.
Anyone doing things with the Ford Escort DOHC 2L cars? Escorts have a long successful racing/rallying history in Jolly olde but have come over the pond to--MEXICO where the ZX2 2+2 was built to ONLY be sold to us yanks! --STRANGE! At least here in the central Coast of California there were lots sold here. Ford had lots of experience with 4 valve 4's so built a good lump for these which carried on with the Focus whatever it's nationality is.


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Welcome to BCF! I wanna see picture of that Jowett! In fact post some in our "Media" gallery above!


Welcome! I've own a ton of English Fords in my life -
Cortinas,Consul Capris,Corsairs,& an Anglia 105E.

You also have a PM.