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TR2/3/3A source for those little drain hoses


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Has anyone found a source for those little drain hoses that go on the trunk channel and out of the vent drain. I think one of the not so well known venders has them. I cannot find any thin walled ½ hose in black around here.

In addition I learned something new about the heater hose orientation yesterday. There is actually a small factory notch in the under part of the vent to give room for the heater hose. My hose was pinching off at the top and then I finally pushed into the notch and that gave room for the hose.


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When I was doing my 3 most of the parts came from Moss and Victoria.


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MOSS drain number 680-825
Victoria 14-351


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So that's what the depression is for. I made a new vent system for my car and studiously copied all the details. Wondered at the time why the leading edge of the tray was depressed like that. Guess I would find out eventually when I get around to fitting things like heaters. Now I know!
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