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TR2/3/3A Rear seat


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I am now building my rear seat bottom that sits on the shelf (later model post 60k) and have seen several photos showing various thicknesses. Mine is gone as it got wet. I called Moss but they are working from home. I’d appreciate some rear seat photos and thickness measurement. The end of a very long restoration is finally drawing near.

Graham H

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This may help.



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Thank you! Those dimensions are exactly what I needed. Do you perhaps know how thick (bottom of plywood to top of leather/vinyl is.


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I cut my ply from a sheet of 3/4" and used the dimensions in the last drawing.
Got the foam and covering from Skinner in the UK. The foam appeared to be too thick but I found that by compressing it with clamps I could start to get the staples in the board. Tuned out great.

Rear seat complete.jpg
Rear seat completed top.jpg
Rear seat completed underside.jpg


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I am on vacation at the moment so I can't get a measurement for you.

A get together would be great. I am in Macon.



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Sorry for the delay in posting the photos.

Back from Vacation now.

This is what I have on my rear seat. If I had not pulled as much material around to the underside the seat would have been thicker. I had a struggle getting the foam pad compressed enough to staple the edges.

Seat thickness s.jpg
Seat thickness 2 s.jpg
rear seat s.jpg
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