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TR6 Question on new wiring harness


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Installing the new harness has been easy everywhere except under the dash. Even under dash is not so bad except the crazy array of light bulb holders. For example the speedo and tach appear to get illumination from two bulbs but the harness seems to have just one for each. And of course my wiper switch (1973 vintage) doesn’t work. But the question right now is what is this bullet connector (pic) at the voltmeter supposed to connect to? If I look at diagram it seems like it should be for the brake fail lamp but that lamp already has white and black/purple wires going into it from the harness.
If it’s just hanging around being available I would hook my TBI to it as that requires 12v in run and cranking positions.Thanks for any and all tips.


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It looks like they needed to put it somewhere as not to lose it It's not for the Volt gauge. If the harness was made for more than one model year I could not find it. Did it come from the fuse block or the key switch


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Thanks Madflyer, I am not sure where it's coming from but I'm going to ground the brake fail switch and see if the lamp lights up. If it does I'll use the bullet connector for the TBI.
I will lay out the old harness and try to figure out the rest of the gauge lighting from there.


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Oops, I labeled the wrong white wire “volt gauge” and found the right one. It’s two whites going into a female connector, as it should be. So, the white with the bullet piggy-backed must be a harness accommodation for a different year. But since I have the floor...
On the wiring diagram, what is the circle in the middle of the line? The arrow is pointing at it in the attached photo.

thank you


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A circle is one pin of the ignition switch multipin connector. The solid circle is usually a spliced wire connection. Masters electrical maintenance book is highly recommended.


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I have a book of all the different tr6 harnesses used , 69 and 70 were the only years that were
the same. I also have never seen a new harness that did NOT have at least one problem/inaccuracy.
That said ,often the OE harness is mostly in need of new connectors and di-electric grease to be of
good kit.
MD(mad dog)


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Agree with MD, I always buy a dozen or so bullets and connectors additional when sorting a new harness.

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