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New Shoes, New Shoes Bugsy got to show off his new shoes today.


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Spent Friday night in the garage and resolved the front wheel stud issue. Needed to change the front Wheel Studs to 1.5" and still use a 1/8" wheel spacer, thanks Trevor, and in the rear go to a 2" Wheel Spacer to get the wheels to fit securely. I cured a rubbing brake drum against the back plate issue this AM with some deft work with my new Angle Grinder. After 10 years I wore out the $14.95 HF Angle Grinder. New Press I bought for my birthday made very short work of pressing in wheel studs. All taken care of Bugsy went for a serious romp om the back 2 lane roads with lots or curvy stuff to test out the new wheels and tires. Nexxen 175/70/13 tires from WalMart. UTOQ of 440 not the softest but with 22 F and 24 R they stick like glue and I like the stance. Bugsy has 15 Leaf OEM Springs and new BE Coils up front. Stock ride height. The 70 series fills up the wheel wells quite nicely and on a BE no rubbing. View attachment 49986View attachment 49987View attachment 49988View attachment 49989

A fabulous sunny, 80 degree day. A fun afternoon so far and now I get to go take some grandkids for a ride. New Shoes, New Shoes Bugsy has new shoes.

PS Next up fitting forward tilt and Speed Hut Gauges - would be nice to know how fast I'm going and rpms on this little 948 w Cooper S Head that likes to rev like crazy. New Shifter from Gerard is on the way and 5 Speed and 1,326 Engine fitting will commence shortly. For now I get to enjoy the new ride for a few weeks. Late Fall all apart, on rotisserie, and OEW Paint, or I'm suddenly having thoughts about Plale Primrose and a Cherry Red Interior and a Red Tonneau / Top.
Just remember to air the tires up a few pounds if you are going to be carving corners... sidewalls don't hold the road too well :smile:


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What pressures F & R?
It depends on the stiffness of the side wall, spring rate and sway bar. If I were going to guess, I'd say 28 in the front and 26 in the rear.


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So glad to see Bugsy on all fours and out in the sunlight! Jim, those new shoes look great with those wheels...enjoy!
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