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Midget Mk I/Sprite Mk II hardtop available



Senior Member
Oops - sorry for the mis-post. Anyways, it's a factory hardtop; needs paint and seals; "glass" is present and usable. I'm in Seattle, WA; and am more interested in it going to a good home than the price. I'm not prepared to hassle with packaging and shipping. Anyone interested? Let me know at philip(dot)s(dot)jones(at)comcast(dot)net.




Jedi Trainee
Sneak it onto a Boeing truck in Seattle and give it a 787 part number. After all it is 'glass. Should match up just fine.


I could bring my MK2 Sprite over on 10/1 and see if it fits.
(that's the date of our next NOS HIT right?)

Maybe someone there could help me with MK2 Sprite dash wiring.
I wanted to bring the green one over though, it has more serious needs.

Maybe there's a way to get both cars there, I'll see if SWMBO wants to join in and spend the day with a bunch of crazy car guys.



Jedi Knight
which years fit which cars. I have a bugeye I want a hard top for, used or new if new hardtops are available.


Senior Member
Hi all!

BillM - Here's my understanding: I think that there were three fitments for hardtops for the Spridget series. First the Bugeye, which had a unique rear deck profile; then the MkII Sprite/MkI Midget, which, for some reason, has little "notches" at the belt-line, just behind the door, about 6 inches long. Then there's "everything else", which is the same as the MkII Sprite/MkI Midget, but without the little notches. So based on that (perhaps incorrect) understanding, this one fits everything after the Bugeye, but is only "correct" for the MkII Sprite/MkI Midget.

Mighty - I don't think it would work for the bugeye, due to the different profile on the rear deck.

Rick - It should be great on your MkII Sprite, though, Rick! For you I make an especial price. And 10/01 is the date! See you then.



I've tried a couple Bugeye hardtops on my MK2 and they didn't fit.
It would be interesting to get this defined.

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:]Rick! For you I make an especial price[/QUOTE]

uh oh...




Phil, you could buy my MK2 Sprite for your hardtop!!


Jedi Knight
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Phil, you're close, but not quite. The one with the "notches" is for a Mark III Sprite/ Mk II Midget, 1964-1966, the first of the roll up window cars. 1967's onward take the top like yours. I thought that BE's fit the MK I Midgets with side curtains, but Rick is saying otherwise, though I <span style="font-style: italic">think</span> there are "long" and "short" versions of BE tops.


I have tried a long and a short version and neither was "right".
Both the ones I tried were aftermarket non standard BE tops so that probably has a lot to do with it.
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