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Liquids for 50 + year old Sprite


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I searched and found a lot of conversations about adding zinc and other things to fuel and various oils that people like. Is there a central source of information about fuel and lubrication recommendations. I saw that some people add oil to fuel to reduce the impact of modern fuels on wear of 1965 parts. How much oil?

If you are familiar with a post or thread that explores these questions, please point me to it.

Thanks for the trouble.


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Jim, there is an internet's worth of advice on fuel/ oil.

Basically it comes to a couple of things.

1. You need zinc in your oil to save the tappets. You can get speciality oils but it is readily available - I used diesel oil for a while and motorcycle four stroke oil but, the standard companies still have zinc brands - Can't recall of the top of my head my brand but can check in the morning - Valvoline (maybe VR1?)

2. In terms of fuel, there are two issues. First, most of these cars were designed for leaded gas. You can add an additive but, honestly, most don't bother - if the valves recess (might or might not happen) a replacement head and the unleaded conversion are about the same dollars, so, most drivers just wait and see. The second issue is ethanol. In my experience it gums up things - especially over winter. I can also cause vapour lock issues. I only use Shell premium gas and have not had any issues.

3. The only other thing I would add is that Jeff Schlemmer at Advance Distributers https://advanceddistributors.com/wordpress1/ will recurve your distributor to suit today's fuels. not critical, but, nice.

So to recap - yes zddp in oil, no ethanol in gas and you are good to go.


For years I ran straight 50wt non detergent in my gearboxes. 5 gallon can ran dry so not anymore but I think I preferred the heavier oil. I'd have to special order it now.



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Once again, Thanks for the help guys!


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There is an old style Pure station nearby that sells no ethanol fuels in several octane ratings. So I'll use that whenever I can.
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