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  1. Cutrog1

    BJ8 Fuel Tube Installation

    How does the metal fuel filler tube go down into the boot/trunk fit? Does its top rim fit over the rubber body entry ring seal or come up from underneath?
  2. Ripper01

    SOLD-TR6 Gas Tank

    Fuel tank from '69 TR6, great condition and solid. As is shipping is extra or pick up in central Texas. No rust/ corrosion. $120 OBO
  3. JimLaney

    Liquids for 50 + year old Sprite

    I searched and found a lot of conversations about adding zinc and other things to fuel and various oils that people like. Is there a central source of information about fuel and lubrication recommendations. I saw that some people add oil to fuel to reduce the impact of modern fuels on wear of...
  4. H

    Bugeye fuel tank sending unit - repair or replace

    My 1960 Bugeye has an original type (Smith Motor Accessories Limited) fuel tank sending unit. The metal float has some small areas worn through. The inside of the unit shows one broken copper wire and a multimeter indicates no current flow. Is it possible to repair or re-build for a reasonable...
  5. L

    Fuel overflowing

    Hi Chaps Back from my vacation and back to another AH problem and question....... When I switch on the ignition on my 100/6 occasionally the overflow on one of the cars spills out fuel where obviously the float does not cut off the fuel once the bowl is full Also my fuel pump continues to run /...
  6. S

    TR2/3/3A TR3 fuel pump

    57 tr3 small mouth. has about 7 miles on it. had some transmission troubles, had to remove it, get it fixed, and put it back in. that took about 3 months. fuel pump seems to have failed. no gas to carbs. put in new one, but still same problem. gas gets to the glass bowl, and if you prime...
  7. 2billydavies

    TR2/3/3A Timing, fuel mixture, complete headache and total misunderstanding of it all

    Hi everyone... me again. lol So my TR3a is completely out of timing and i'm almost positive the fuel/air mixture is completely whacked as well. Totally my fault due to the fact that after reading a million posts, manuals, and anything I could get my eyeballs on... I still don't have a complete...