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TR4/4A Intermittent vibration at 3000 RPM


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Good Morning,
I've got a bit of a conundrum. I've got this irregular vibration which appears to be somewhere in the driveline on my 1964 TR4. The vibration only starts when you pass 3000 RPM under power and it’s irregular. I think I can feel the vibration most in the gear shift lever but I can kinda feel it through the floorboards of the car, but not in the pedals or steering wheel. Push the clutch in or go back under 3000 RPM and the vibration goes away. I’m thinking it’s some bearing somewhere that is bad but I don’t know how else to test at this point. I tried sustaining 3400 RPM in 2nd or 3rd gear but I’m having a hard time finding a stretch of road I can do that on. I don’t think I feel the vibration in any other gear but 4th but I’m still testing. I did have a bad transmission mount and replaced that a few months ago. I also had a U-Joint on the transmission side of the driveshaft that was pretty rough on one axis which I thought was the problem and I replaced that last week, vibration is still there.

Since the transmission mount AND the drive shaft seem to be in good working order now. Any ideas on what could be causing that vibration?

Geo Hahn

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I have never had to have the propshaft (driveshaft) balanced on mine -- but that is one thing I'd look into if I couldn't track down a driveline vibration.


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That's a really good point about the driveshaft. Now that I think about the vibration some more, it's really more like a resonance through out the car which I think is a symptom of a driveshaft out of balance. Shouldn't be too big a deal to get the DS checked out. Thanks for getting me thinking.
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