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I'm stumped - wiring


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well friends as you may recall from other posts, I am having wiring issues.

I have managed to get the headlights working again - was the switch, relatively easy fix.

The signal lights not so much.

I am pretty sure I need a new hazard switch - took it apart and cleaned it and still no love.

However, my real issue is this. I only have 8.5 volts at the fuse box. I have 12.4 at the brown wire so it isn't the battery but somehow it is lower at the green wire. I changed the fuse - no difference.

The dubious good news is that I bypassed everything - hazard switch/ flasher - and I have 8.5 volts at the switch (light green/brown) However, when I then turn the signal lights on (GW & GW) I only get 7.5 volts.

All this makes me think that I might just need to get a new fuse box/ signal switch/ flasher unit and hazard switch and be done with it.

Any thoughts?

Oh and top tip - if you need to bypass something and you have to connect two female spade connectors, a spade fuse works perfectly.



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Fusebox cleans up easily with a piece of 1,200 grit.
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