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Idea Time 79 Midget


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Instead of doing any of the 5K or more things I should or need to do...
I was watching a car channel program about modifications made to a Morris Minor and the owner was tired of not having easy access to his tranny and diff, so he just cut openings in the right places big enough to do whatever he needed from the top. hmmmm

The A series Midgets had the tranny port access panel under the carpet. The 1500 tranny fill would require a panel in the pax side footwell. cut a metal flap w/hinges cover with sound proofing? Go nuts do the same in the back (boot?) for easier rear end fills. It would have to be offset to miss the gas (petrol) tank. These might help with filling. The drains? Nope. But the OUT process is easier than the IN.
I have not looked under the car to see what might be in the way...at this point all the above is just 'food for thought'

I had to look up some terms...found this-

Boot = Trunk
Bonnet = Hood
Wing = Fender
Wheel nut = Lug nut
Brake disk = Rotor
Gear Stick = Shifter
Dickey seat = Rumble Seat (doubt you have one)
Mother in law seat = ?? (a rear sideways facing seat, useful option)
Windscreen = Windshield
Drophead = Convertible
Estate Car = Station Wagon
Bulb = Lamp? (do not ask for a lamp in a UK parts store, they might give you a bedside reading light)
Petrol Station = Gas station
Petrol = Gas (cars do not run on gas, the driver produces it)
Gallon = 1.25 US gallons
Hand Brake = Parking Brake
Silencer = Muffler
Spanner = Wrench



Great Pumpkin
Welcome to BCF.

Here's another to add to your list:

"nave plate"

I agree - you should never try to "finish" your project. Enjoy each day along the way.
Tom M.


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Could make access flaps quite easily - but not sure why you would, it's not like you are changing the oil every 3000 miles. Both are a PITA to fill but both are done so rarely that I am not sure it is worth the hassle of improving access.
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