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TR2/3/3A Gas tank pipe connector?


Darth Vader
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Anyone know where I could buy just the connector that connects the gas line pipe to the tank or do I have to buy the entire pipe with the connector from one of the big 3? What size is it or what thread size...is it something that would be available from a plumbing or auto specialist?


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Sorry I don't recall the size, but I'm relatively sure the brass fitting is a standard pipe fitting. The copper tube has to be flared. I just found it easier to buy the section from Moss.


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The item you are looking for is called a tubing nut ( item 60142) and can be found at TRF. You want the 5/16" ( which by the way is the same as found on the intake side of the fuel pump. It is not flared but rather uses a compression sleeve or olive to seal the pipe.
These may be available but I could not find any at our local stores.


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The thread in the fitting on my tank is 1/4 BSP. Just checked with a tap. I have a brass fitting with 5/16 nut and sleeve to connect the copper gas line to the tank.



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What does BSP stand for British..... I found a package of 5/16" ferules or "olives" at a Canadian Tire store in the brake line section and I was able to get the threaded nut from the fuel line on a 4A parts car that I have. So now I can put the3 car back on the road instead of waiting for a TRF part.
Cheers Karl:eagerness:


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What does BSP stand for British.....

British Standard Pipe....then there's BSPT (tapered), BSPP (parallel), which is of course different from NPT... 55° vs. 60°....depending on size, sometimes the threads/inch are the same, sometimes not.
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