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Fuel pump question


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i just converted my 66 bj8 to negative earth and purchased a new su negative ground fuel pump. I checked the power coming in to the pump and I’m getting 12 v ,the ground wire is properly attached to the mount bracket bolt and when I turn the ignition on I only hear a click, the pump is not cycling like it should .could this be that the pump is not properly grounded or is it something else? I retained the su pump box and it is marked negative ground. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
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What kind of pump, points or electronic (points pumps can be polarity-sensitive depending on what they use to shunt the back current from the coil)? If it's a points pump, the points can oxidize sitting on the shelf and may need to be cleaned to function properly, if it's a solid state pump it could be defective. Also, the ground wire is usually attached to a spade lug on the screws on the coil body; the pump head is effectively isolated by the diaphragm. If you've attached the ground wire to a mounting stud, that may be the problem. Can you post a photo of your installation?


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Good morning Thanks for the prompt reply! This pump is a brand new solid state genuine su - ground. I will play around with the ground wire. I completely replaced this wire as it was buggered. I’ll also contact Moss this morning to see if they have had problems with these pumps in the past, have a great weekend! -jeff
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Start at the beginning:

If the pump is not yet installed bring known-to-be-good power and ground to it (e.g. from a battery or benchtop 110VAC--->12VDC power supply) and see if it runs.
If it is installed bring NEW wires, again direct from the battery, to it.
Report back....
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