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TR2/3/3A fellow triumph tr2-ers. Any out there?


Freshman Member
I recently finished the restoration of a 1954 Triumph Tr2 long door. Just curious if anyone else out there has one? I'll post some pics of mine later

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag
Hello, Jacky, and welcome to the BCF!

Good job on the TR2 - not sure if there are any long doors here, but there are a few 2's about, and lots of 3's. Should be along directly to add their welcomes.



Jedi Warrior
I wish! Welcome anyway you've found the best forum for triumph owners period.


Country flag
Not me, but they are out there, long time freind who lives about a mile away has a rough and ready driver he will restore, although I think he is having fun with it as is now.

I aam not an expert on these cars, but I enjoy going over and having him point out the subtle differences between the early cars and the later TR3s.


Howdy jackyB,

Man, Its kind of un-usual to hear someone introducing themselves & their car "After Its been Restored"!!

"Welcome" to "THEE" best LBC Forum anywhere JackyB. Were you lurking around here during your restoration getting hints, answers etc as to how things go together?

Hey; Cool Car no matter!! I`m about 60% complete into my `57TR3 Small Mouth (Engine, Trans etc. going in this weekend). I`m looking forward to cruising around approx. May, June, July "This Year".

By all means do post some pics here. As a matter of fact, Post a whole bunch of pics!!

Regards, Russ


Jedi Hopeful
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I would in no way call mine "restored" but it is as reliable as Triumphs
tend to be and now back on the road after a 35 year "nap" in the back of
our barn. (talk about frozen brakes!) Feel free to PM me.


Jedi Warrior
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Locally we have TS 6959 (55 TR2) which we totally restored a couple years ago. Obviously being a later 2... it is a short door. You live in some beautiful country...Would think you
are in for some great rides later on this Spring and Summer!
Gil NoCal

Andrew Mace

Staff member
Country flag


Freshman Member
Well here she is ts1056. I bet you weren't expecting some teenager! My Dad bought me the car when i was ten and i started the restoration at 16 (with help from dear old dad of course). It took us three years to complete. We restored it to original specs (or at least as close as we could). Restoring the car was a blast I'd do it again in a heart beat. Enjoy!
Ready for Paint

Dad and I. the rotisserie in the background

the piece la resistance double thermostat housing

Putting the engine back in for the first time in probably 30 years

torquing the head

Local Car show: My Dads tr3a (Green) and my Tr2 (Black)


Interior. makes me drool :smile:

Doing a few laps at Pacific Race Ways with my Grandma

More laps (with an ex)

Andrew Mace

Staff member
Country flag
jackyB said:
I bet you weren't expecting some teenager!
Sadly, many in the hobby fear that younger people do not and likely will not share the interest we "older" folks have in these cars. Thanks to you, we know that's not (completely) true!

I have a daughter who's almost 22 and a son who is 19. Because of their respective education and career paths at the moment, neither is exactly active in the hobby. But they've both shared my passion for cars since...well, forever! And they've both helped out any number of times when and how they could. (Most recently, my son and I spent part of last summer collecting parts for and building a new EA-81 engine for his '81 Subaru. It was a great experience for both of us: he learned for the first time just exactly how engines work and go together, and I'd not spent any time on a "boxer" engine since the late 1960s, when I used to help a fellow high school buddy work on his VW beetle!)


Darth Vader
Country flag
Jacky, that is a very cool car.
When I was 16 I sold my sailboat to buy a MGA for $850. My father forbade it. No boat, no car.
Good for you and your father!


Jedi Warrior
Hey, I'm glad you're a teen! I just turned 29 and I'm always the youngest person at any of these british car shows =D

The hobby needs some younger blood to keep the passion alive and to keep these little beauties on the road.

I will fully admit that I'm jelous of your TR2 =)

I'm in the midst of a complete frame off restoration of my TR6 right now (covered in another thread here, and over at www.6-pack.org) so I know just how much hard work goes into a restoration like that =)


Country flag
Hey there JackyB. Waiting for the New york winter to break so I can start a push on TS5012LO. 1954 short door. It'll look "similar" to yours when done. I'm going super low buck, and am planning a rat rod look with flat black epoxy primer, red spoke (or steel)wheels with wide whites. Interior will be whatever I can come up with. I got my 2 when I was 29. I had owned LBCs for 10 years before that. This poor car has been sitting for far too long, and I need to get things moving.
Yours looks great! Glad to have ya in here.


Jedi Warrior
Amen to all of the above. Wow great car! welcome again and after your rebuild you might well be offering some of use advice on our trials and tribulations. I'm also going to guess that you are one of the only one here that didn't have to have instructions to post pictures.
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