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Fan Type Noise on Ignition Switch in Accessory


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I have a PhI BJ8. When I turn the key to the first position. I call it accessory I hear what to me sounds like a fan or rotating rotor noise. I just had my speedometer cable and angle drive replaced but that is mechanical. When I go ahead and start the engine I don't know if I can continue to hear the noise or not because of the engine noise. It doesn't appear to affect the running of the engine. What is the noise? I don't remember hearing it in past times and I only recall noticing it the last few months.

John B


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In the 17+ years I have owned my Healey I have never been concerned about extra heat so hence I never thought about the heater fan? The noise sounds like a fan. Is the heater fan activated by one of the push pulls on either side of the slider in conjunction with the slider position? I don't have a toggle switch on my panel front for the heater fan! Hey Bob in order to learn, sometimes you have to be willing to ask questions that may not flatter ones knowledge so I appreciate your help and patience with me.

John B


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When I place the slider in the middle at Temp the fan goes off and when I slide the slider to min the fan turns on. When I slide the slider to max the fan turns off. The push pulls have no effect. Does this sound right?

John B


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It sounds like the pull knob is out (on position) and movement left or right interrupts the circuit or breaks it, probably indicating a broken wire at the back of the heater control.


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Had a similar problem. Crimped new ends on the wires and added a p-clamp reinforcement to the swivel for the heater control:


  • BlowerSwitchWires.JPG
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Just as an aside, when was the last time you (and everyone else) read the Owner's Manual?

I bought a reproduced copy, probably about a decade ago, and just for the fun of it, I pulled it out and reread it a couple months ago. Goes a long way towards letting other people think you know something about your car :cheers:

Don't feel bad though, somebody routinely has to make the same post about the BMW Z3/Ms every few months on their forum, and they're a lot newer (and 10X more likely to still have the original manual).

If you have a copy of Bentley's The Complete Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000, the owner's manual portion is reprinted in the front; it'll help remind you about the maintenance rituals too! If you don't have the Bentley manual, shame on you!
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