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Faded Seatbelts


Freshman Member
47 years have taken their toll on my black seatbelts. Has anyone tried to dye them? If so, how did you do it.



Darth Vader
Might want to replace them as they are 47 yrs. old. They might not hold up to some texter hitting you.

Deleted member 8987

You can, but that wasn't the original question. The links I put up, one mentions a place that does that...cost him $139 for one shoulder belt.
All things are possible with Jaguars once you understand their appetite for one hundred dollar bills.

One of the discussions I read on faded belts is, maybe they are weaker, but at 1% who cares.
Probably the sheet metal they bold to is thinner, too, and will fail long before the belt does.


Seems there was a place named, "Snake Oil", or something like that, that rebuilt belts. PJ

OK, the name is spelled -Ssnake-Oyl!

Deleted member 8987

Tried using rit dye on seat-belts before, and it only looks great from a distance. Your best option is to get a new one.

Apparently reading what is posted is too difficult.
So, I will re-post it (from above) and it will explain why Rit doesn't work. We know that. Acid dye will, so here is the re-post:

Most folks will tell you nylon webbed seat belts won't take a dye. All sorts of "never work" discussions.
Read this:


Acid dye...your dye mixed with vinegar.



Freshman Member
Well it's 2-1/2 years later and I still haven't done anything about this.:wink-new: However I just stumbled across www.safetyrestore.com, who can re-web new belts using the original hardware and buckles. Wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them.


Jedi Warrior
I used safetyrestore on a wreck rebuild I did to reset the airbag module and seat belt tensioners. I have not used them for replacing the webbing but have seen peoples cars who did change the webbing for a different color and the work was well done. They had a fast turn around and the workmanship with my stuff was well done.
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