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TR2/3/3A Engine mount


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I have a post 60000 TR3 that I have been working on. Currently the engine and transmission are out of the car. Due to changing jobs, I will have to move a significant distance. My question is if I can drop the engine back in and secure it with the motor mounts only to transfer the car? I have already packed the transmission and don't have access to bolt it back in. Does anyone know if the motor mounts alone are enough to secure the engine in place? Car will be trailered to final destination. Trying to avoid having to roll an engine stand onto a trailer for the trip . Any advice anyone may have about the process would be greatly appreciated.


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I once caw a transmission-less engine in a car where the owner had put a 2 x 4 across the frame and under the oil pan. But the right thing to do is put the gearbox in.

Mickey Richaud

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Absolutely not!

American cars mount the engine at the center of mass. If you look at the TR mounts, they are at the far front of the engine, so nothing supports the back without the tranny installed. Add to this the fact that the mounts are simple rubber lord mounts, with no back-up steel to hold the engine should the rubber tear (required in all new car mounts). If the mounts twist too much they will shear and the motor will just drop out.

Joel Lester

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Just an idea... take some 2 X 2 inch angle iron and cut it so that you could drill some holes to match the back of the engine... then take a couple more pieces to mount in the tranny mounting bolt holes. Then at 90 degree angles bolt up more angle iron running parallel to the frame. The engine is very heavy as you probably know but if you use bigger/stronger angle iron you might be able make it beefy enough. You could also use more angle iron to run perpendicular to the frame for more additional support. Might take a bit of time but I suppose you'd have to weigh the risk/benefits of unpacking the tranny which would be the most secure solution.
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