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Electronic Clutch [Deleted]

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Basil submitted a new resource:

Electronic Clutch - An electronic clutch device to allow people with limited leg strength to drive manual cars

In a thread about replacing the gearbox in a Triumph TR4A, one of our members @RGK posted a link to an outfit that sells an "Electronic Clutch." It's a clever device that, once installed, allows drivers with limited or no leg strength to simply press a button on the shifter knob in order to shift a manual gearbox. Click the download button above to download a flyer, or visit their website...

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Great Pumpkin
Here's the "hand operated clutch (and brake)" system on FDR's Ford Phaeton:


Also had accelerator on the steering column.

(And an automatic cigarette dispenser, which lit the cigarette so he could light up using only one hand.)

Car is on display at the Hyde Park estate.


Darth Vader
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I thought electronic clutch devices were called automatics.:rolleyes:


Great Pumpkin


Basil - AutoStick was quite a device. City driving in Low range (1-2), country driving in High range (2-3). Automatic vacuum clutch.

Very cool!
I used to drive Mom's car all the time. It was a 68 Bug Convertible. It had a stick shifter but no clutch pedal. It was a fun little car to drive, but sure wasn't very fast.


Great Pumpkin
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I had a 72 superbug with that shifter, never had a problem with it, you could also take off without shifting in high gear, but it was very sluggish, I never used it. Loved that bug though, great for getting around the city, and believe it or not, it was pretty comfortable to ride in with its radial tires.(y):encouragement:


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My (or I should say herself's) '74 Super Beetle is also not very fast and it has the standard 4-speed with clutch. But still it's fun and gets pretty good mileage.
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