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General Tech Electrical terminals


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Are there any venders left who sell quality, OEM style electrical connectors? All I can find is cheap, overseas junk and I would like to replace all of the underbonnet terminals. 20211119_113748.jpg


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I saw them recently and it may have been a British firm that had them. I recently bought a new wiring harness and I think I saw them when looking for it. I checked TRF and could not find them although that doesn't mean they don't have them. I may need some soon. Bruce


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I got a good assortment of bullet connectors and an excellent crimper from a motorcycle parts distributor. I don’t recall who of the top of my head, but I’ll look for a receipt tomorrow. I also had no luck with the usual triumph parts sources.



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It was the Bonneville shop. Lucas electrical kit with connectors. The crimper is expensive, but does a great job. The wont come loose.



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One process that I have always done on connectors is to carefully solder the terminals after crimping. Some items as bullet or splices cannot be soldered, but ring terminals and blade terminals lend easily to being soldered.


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Don't know specifically what you want but you might find it on these 4 pages.
I've used their bullets and insulated connectors


Obi Wan
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I used Molex connectors when I restored my TR4A. Those are the white nylon connectors often used in computers for power-supply connections. You can get them on eBay or various electronic suppliers, like Mouser and Digikey. They are very reliable, but not weatherproof, so you probably don't want to use them where they could get wet.

I have also noticed a number of OEM-style connectors available from Amazon. I didn't use them, but they seemed like a good option--especially since many are sealed.

For the spade connections, I used new connectors, soldered them, and insulated them with shrink-wrap tubing.

Here's the story: > Body electrics <
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