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General Tech Electrical question


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Does anybody know a good reason why the positive side of the ignition coil is not fused.

In all the circuits I have seen the feed for the coil comes directly from the ignition switch and bypasses the fuse box.

That doesn't seem to be ideal to me.


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Yes, I've always suspected that to be the reason. The fuses common in those days were not terribly reliable, and often "blew" for no obvious reason. That's a safety matter. I suspect that the headlights are unfused for the same reason. The unfused headlights and ignition are not uncommon in other cars of that era.


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On fusing headlights, it's a matter of design philosophy, and there seems to be two camps on this question. Even the range of aftermarket fuse/relay modules is split on this issue.

One option: Feed the high and low beam circuits from different fuses.