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TR2/3/3A Couple of choke questions


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I removed the air filters for a better view of the choke mechanism. 1. It seems that when the choke pull is pulled out the front jet is lowered but the rear jet dosn't move. Is there a spec length that the choke control rod should be?
2. How far should the jets drop down.....1/4"
3.What is the spec for the distance between the "cam and the screw for the higher idle" when the choke is "not" actuated?


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Adjust the length until the rear jet moves the same as the front. Result will depend to some extent on how badly the linkage is worn; but those holes are supposed to be loose like that. The first part of the movement only moves the fast idle cam.

Clearance at the fast idle screw is specified at 1/16". But I set mine so that with the engine warm and the choke pulled until just before the jets start to move, idle rpm is about 1500 rpm.
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