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Can a 175x13 tire be fitted on Bugeye


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A neighbor offered to give me two used 175x13 tires for my Bugeye. They look a little too big, but they might fit on the rear. Is a 175x13 tire able to fit on a Bugeye? Thanks.


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I have 175/70 R13s on mine. Biggish, but they work with the admittedly wider Mini-lite wheels I have. No issues.

Fred & Mark on drive - 23June2020.jpg

I should add that before I replaced my front springs and shocks, there were some issues when I hit a turn hard (but no more).
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Thanks Boink/Mark, I will follow-up on the offer of free used 175x13s. I'll measure the width to make sure my original style wheels are wide enough. Yoda looks great. Sid


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Original rims are only 3.5" wide. 155/80/13 is pushing it on original rims. The 8 spoke 5" wide max is 175x70x13, A 5.5" Rim can go 185x70x13.

Check the date on those tires, if Mfg Date is more than 5-7 years old, throw them away. And check for the UTOQ Code to see treadlife 500 or 600 UTOQ 65,000 MileTires are great for MiniVans but not for our light cars. I found some Nexen Tires with UTOQ Ratings in the 200's at WalMart for about $50 installed. They stick well. Look pretty good on my JBW 8 spoke wheels. And depending on the offset, you might need spacers or longer wheel studs. Winners Circle, now located in Cncinnati, can provide both for you.


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I used to run 175/70 13s on my square body with stock rims. I Bugeye should be even easier at the rear since it has the round rear wheel arch.

I'm now on 5" rims. There IS clearance, but just barely.

The tire SHAPE makes a difference as it turns out. If you are putting on the commonly available tires from NOW..... Well the only 13s are for mini-vans, or all seasons--high mileage tires with square shoulders. These rub in the rear fender wells of a square body car, (or at least did in mine)

Now that there are again making the Pirelli CN36 tire in a 175/70 13, I've had no problem. (I had to order mine from LONGSTONE TYRE and have them shipped from England, but they can be had from at least one U.S supplier now.

My 2Ā¢
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