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bumperless big healey photos!!


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i am looking for ideas for my 59 bn6. i normally prefer the factory bumper look but am considering a bumperless look instead. would any owners who have a bumperless front or rear please post a picture or two. i intend to use large driving lights on the front and maybe sprite bumperettes or something similar on the rear. thank you, maxwedge


Darth Vader
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I sold a set of my driving light brackets on ebay. I have another set available.


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I didnt have to take my bumber off to fit driving lights.??----:playful:
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Randy Forbes has the bumperless look and his car is a similar color too.

My rear nerf-bars during construction; now gloss black and with the proper grommets fitted.




My car as purchased, San Francisco, circa 1978 (I like it much better today!)


Poised for First in Class, 100/6 category; Safety Harbor 2014



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I would love to go for the bumperless look but when SWMBO sanctioned the finances for the restoration conditions were applied... :-(


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I am the person who made an offer during your e-bay auction. I am still interested in obtaining a set.

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Randy, in the photo from 1978 the registration number appears to be an English one for the year 1971. Whats the story?
Those plates were put on by the late Ray Caivano, proprietor of Austin-Healey West in San Francisco. There were some English cars in the shop too, so they may have been reappropriated for display purposes on the Healey. While they were on the car when I took delivery, I knew he wanted them back and were not considered part of the sale.**

I will say though, the ticket I received when the Healey was left double-parked down in SF's Financial District never did find its way to my address (Diplomatic Immunity, lol!).

** Later that year when Ray & Jo-Anne made a trip to Paris and London, he had an authentic set of UK plates made for me "BN6 042" to compensate for not getting the AWK set. The front one was damaged in that little scrape I had with the side of a mountain down in Woodside, California, but I still have the one that was fitted to the rear up front in the clean garage.

So the story isn't really much of one ;)
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Randy, sure do like the rear license plate lite set up,, if I may ask where did you get this from?
It's a hotrod piece, so you might try Jeg's or Summit for one. Billet aluminum, so it polishes up nice, incorporating both a licence plate and a third brake light.

To power the brake light, rather than get into the persnickety turn signal/brake light relay circuits, I simply swapped out the 3-way hydraulic fitting at the rear axle for a 4-way and put in a separate brake light switch, fed from the nearby fuel pump. While it may still have a single hydraulic circuit brake system, at least the stoplight has a redundant backup!



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I love the bumperless look, especially with a hardtop. Having trouble posting pics for some reason.....


Darth Vader
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I am the person who made an offer during your e-bay auction. I am still interested in obtaining a set.

Jerry, I sent you a PM. Dave.
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