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Bugsy is ready for Winter


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22 degrees in Dayton this AM time to get the Hardtop out for Bugsy.

1) Not a job to do by yourself unless you like scratching up paint. Bugsy is in Blue and Primer Grey so not big deal but an extra set of hands is needed.
2) Brackets were all FUBAR. Needed to remove and bend back into shape. Still getting the hold down brackets attached is a PITA. Two big screwdrivers from below helped to get alignment and that a 1/4" drive 1/2" socket allowed me to twist the bolt and get it to drop down so wingnut can be attached.
3) Top and Sidecurtains at the rear do not meet correctly and allow a pretty big gap. Any tips on fixing. Could be from Top not being cranked down tightly as PS big gap in back where hardtop meets the rear deck. A Rag or some foam will close that up.
4) I expected heater to blast me out and was to getting any heat. Can I assume Heater Valve rotated Counter Clockwise closes this valve and screwing in the valve Clockwise opens it up. The Heater box was cold so I'm guessing that's the issue otherwise some sort of blockage in my heater core.
5) Next up, Sunday AM installing that really loud horn I bought.
6) Back to separating the Bellhousing and replacing it on my 5 Speed Tranny.

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Looking good - Ms Triss just went off to Boarding School (OK parked in a garage) for the winter.


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OK but who has an answer to my questions.
1) Fixing gaps on sidecurtains and Which way turns the heater valve on. I believe Counterclockwise closes the valve.


Luke Skywalker
Clockwise closes valve.

OK but who has an answer to my questions.
1) Fixing gaps on sidecurtains and Which way turns the heater valve on. I believe Counterclockwise closes the valve.


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Thanks Gerard, discovered loose clamp on top hose DUH!!!! Several hundred miles with a loose clamp. That hose must fit very tight. And solve the mystery of where the coolant went to. Back to figuring out the relay so add my new air horns. **** are they loud in the garage when I just tested them.

SD Bugeye

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Everybody is ready here too
full of gas stabil added
battery tenders on sleep well


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Baby Blue usually sits in the garage top down. I put the top up this week and drove it top up for the first time in several months. I'm starting to order parts for the winter overhaul. I really don't have anything major other than trying out the second set of SUs that I bought earlier this year to see if that cures the idling issues that I'm having.
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