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Battery - BJ8


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What battery should I put in my BJ8?
Group size 27? Group size 24?
Cold Cranking Amps?
Not looking for original, just something to drive the car on weekends.
Thanks in advance!


Darth Vader
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Duralast Gold 27 DLG(Autozone) fit perfectly for me.

WD 67 BJ8
the 27 works good. You need to know which one you need because of the differences between negative and positive ground connections.
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FWIW, Group 24 is usually specified in the cross-reference books for 6-cyl Healeys. But, whatever fits and cranks your engine would be OK. Group 24s are getting hard to find; Costco, for instance, used to carry them but hasn't in a while.


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Hi Bob, If I were you , put in an Interstate battery . They are by far, the best battery you can get .
Bobby R
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I had premature failure from two Interstates in my Mustang. The guy who rebuilt my starter and generator told me almost all 'common' battery brands--even Optima--are now made in Mexico and are caca (and his name's Martinez).


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Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but my BJ7 currently has a Kubota tractor battery. Except for the Kubota label, it looks as if it belongs. The original battery in the 1999 Kubota wouldn't turn over the diesel engine anymore, so I bought a new battery from the Kubota dealer. Then I discovered that the battery in the tractor was not the problem; a battery terminal clamp had broken, and after fixing that the 18 year old battery continues to work well in the tractor. So the Healey got the new battery. I'm hoping that it will last well, although Kubota may have changed its battery supplier in the meantime.


Darth Vader
Hi All,

A while back, I had purchased 2 Optima batteries (1 for my Acura and 1 for my Healey) and thought I had a failing Optima battery in my Acura and replaced it after 5 years. I had had it with Optima batteries when the Optima purchased for my Healey also started to fail shortly after and decided to call Optima and complain. Reaching an Optima technician, he explained that inactivity of the Healey allowed the battery to go down farther then could be easily recharged and to attach the battery, I believe but not sure, in parallel to a second standard battery to provide the necessary resistance needed for raise the charge sufficiently in the Optima battery. I followed his direction and I have been using my Optima battery in my Healey for the past 10 years.

If I had understood the Optima battery better, I probably would not have replaced it in my Acura.

Just a thought,
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