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Basic trunnion question


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OK - and I'm ready to duck because my question will point out that I haven't done this on any of the cars yet - but on an installed trunnion do you oil it from the rear/top bolt?


(in my defense the cars have all been essentially in the garage being made road worthy so I haven't been driving them without address this this)


Darth Vader
The trunnion is oiled through the vertical link via a "grease" fitting. For initial assembly, I poured oil into the trunnion. When fully assembled, the dog leg will hold the stop for the vertical link.


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Thanks guys - neither of the trunnions on the car currently has a zerk on the bottom so I guess I'll "just" using the zerk on the vertical link will have to do until I eventually pull these as part of refurbishing the links and hub etc...



Darth Vader
Yep, on the 2-4 it is on the bottom, on the 250 and 6 it is on the vertical link.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
:iagree: with the caveat that the 4A also had the later style trunnion and earlier cars may have been retrofitted.

Also worth noting that the factory recommended grease for the zerk on the bottom, oil for the zerk on the VL.
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