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And I think to myself what a wonderful world... (non car photo du jour) - read the first post before posting.


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Let's try this. We have a photo Du Jour for cars, how about one for lovely things? I don't want people doing stupid things, I don't want things that make us think less of the world. It doesn't need to be your picture but it would be nice if it were connected to your life and world. Let's see how far we get.
And Don gets place of honor with the first post

Please don't ever tell my wife I posted a photo of her or we'll be one member less on this forum... with my sister on my wife's birthday in Icy Strait Point (Hoonah), Alaska:

We didn't realize until weeks later that a whale had breached in the background; the tail is visible over my sister's left shoulder.
Mitsy's shot a few weeks ago:
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And in my front yard...

Not my picture or even my country but, the Camino de Santiago which Mrs JP & I walked in 2018 (with the care of this forum) - but never this early in the morning. :D

Galapagos, October 2021. This guy was about 3' wide. A slow-mover and a loud breather.
2021-10-03 09.07.21.jpg
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That is one huge turtle!
Giant Tortoise. But who'd counting.
This one was lumbering toward me and I was about 2' in front of it. Normally, they were very shy and would pull their head in with any sudden movement. There is a breeding program to preserve them... but they were all over the place on the main island (Santa Cruz).
A slow-mover and a loud breather.

That's me for sure. Photo looks like me before the morning coffee.

I'd been chasing a hare, but gave up and sat on a chest to relax. First time a hare put a tortoise on its chest.

Ok, culling thought my images, let's see what I can find that fits the "wonderful world" theme. When I would go TDY to San Diego to work on a military GPS program, every night after work, I would head straight to Sunset Cliffs state park. Sometimes the sunsets were boring, sometimes, I''d get lucky.

San Diego-1-9 copy.jpg
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"Creature small"
An inch long and can make your skin feel like you'd messed around in fiberglass. They're falling from the trees just now.