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  1. G

    For Sale: Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A Sheet Metal Body Parts – Front Apron (valence) with grille, Bonnet (hood), Doors, Boot (trunk) Deck Lid

    Various items of Triumph sheet metal body parts for sale, as follows: - TR2 and early (small-mouth) front nose valence (apron), originally from a 1955 TR2. Needs body work but definitely restorable, with aluminum grille. $325. Can’t ship because of size and weight, so it will need to be picked...
  2. J

    For Sale 1965 TR4 + TR3 Parts - Rebuilt trans, floors, gauges, misc.

    1965 Triumph TR4+ other TR Parts (PRICES ALL REDUCED as of 27 SEP 2021!): Triumph TR2-6 Parts For Sale: Rebuilt TR2-4 (non-overdrive) transmission with new throwout bearing, REDUCED AGAIN! $475. New TR2-3 floorpans, primed; slightly trimmed/tweaked (less than 1”); easily patched (chassis...
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    For Sale TR2 TR3 TR3A TR3B Unrestored Hardtop with Window, New Hardware kit and Seals $1500

    TR2 TR3 TR3A TR3B Unrestored Hardtop with Window, New Hardware kit and Seals $1350 TR2 and TR3 Unrestored Hardtop with Window, New Hardware kit and Seals for sale $1350 This is an unrestored original Triumph steel hardtop with drip rails, rear window, Roadster Factory seal kits, and new...
  4. S

    For Sale Triumph smallmouth nose

    Triumph smallmouth nose in good condition. $500us +shipping
  5. B

    For Sale TR2-3 Door Top Wood Rail

    I have a newly minted set, L&R, of top door wood rails that will fit up to TS60000. I make these in ash from original patterns and this is a set left over from the last run $100 plus shipping. Bill
  6. W

    TR2/3/3A TR2/3 Front Suspension Upgrades

    As the outdoor projects wind down, I am looking at beginning to re-assemble the TR3 parts onto the Ratco frame. Does anyone have any experience with the new vertical links with negative camber, or with the three degree castor trunnions? They are available new from a number of suppliers but are...
  7. T

    TR2/3/3A TR Rocker Arm Spacers

    Would be interested to hear from those who are using metal or nylon rocker arm spacers available from various sources as a replacement for the original springs, due to spring wear or perceived improvement; also from those who see no need whatsoever to ever replace the spring spacers. To my...
  8. C

    TR2/3/3A TR2 Rear axle setup

    Can someone provide a picture of the proper routing for rear brake lines on a '54 tr2. I have many pictures of a tr3 but I would like to confirm that it is the same or different.