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  1. 2billydavies

    TR2/3/3A generator doesn't appear to be working

    hi guys... me again. another quick question for ya'll. You might remember, my generator wasn't charging my batter after installing new belt. Well, I took the generator out and opened her up. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it on the inside (not that I would know what i'm...
  2. 2billydavies

    TR2/3/3A dead battery, generator, belt

    hi everyone, so my 58 TR3a has been running perfect for months. almost driving it daily to work, blah blah blah... however, the last week during a midnight trip to the beach the serpentine belt started slipping, smoking like crazy, melting, and eventually dying. It didn't rip in half, so I did...
  3. Flash_Harry

    MGB "Vents" on a new battery?

    Went out to start our '74 GT one day, and the alternator light went out as soon as I turned the key to start. Only about a week of not being driven, with the battery cut-off activated. So I put it on charge for several hours, and on trying to start all I got was rapid clicking from the relay...
  4. 2billydavies

    TR2/3/3A dead battery... until i disconnect the wire from coil to distributor

    hi everyone. happy holidays & happy New Year! Ran into something yesterday that I don't quite understand. Maybe someone here can throw some ideas at me. My car is running GREAT since the rebuild and the timing issues you all helped with. Fired her up yesterday, ran to the store. Came...