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Member Articles

This is a repository of Articles, both technical and anecdotal (just for fun). Any member can submit an article but all articles are moderated. The admin of BCF reserves to right to edit content (usually just for spelling/grammar) and has final decision whether to publish or not.

Submitted by @healeygal - Sharon Tanihara Twenty-six years ago, right after I first got my Healey Hundred, I attended the WestCoast Meet in Eureka, California and had my picture taken with Donald Healey. At the time, Ifigured that experience would last me a lifetime and was content to spend the next couple ofdecades using the car around town or venturing out on short jaunts up and down the...
Submitted by James Tworow ( @Sherlock ) The Austin-Healey roadster, whether you pick the 100/4, 100/6, 3000 or Sprite, is a well-loved and legendary sports car. When the 100/4 roadster was launched back in late 1953 it took the sports car world by storm. But what many don't know is that Donald Healey had been building cars for a number of years before that. Healey picked up some experience...
A Poem Submitted by @DaVinci Take yourself back to 1952, See the cars from Detroit drive through Kalamazoo, When the Army no longer needed tanks by the scores, They put on rubber wheels and gave 'em four doors. But someone remembered what a sportscar could be, He'd been building roadsters since he turned twenty three, And across the Atlantic on the old British Isle, Donald Healey decided to...