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YouTube Healey Restoration Videos


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Hi all,

While searching for some videos on upholstering front seats on a Austin-Healey 3000 I came across this fantastic video diary of one man's restoration of rather rusty and abused MkII BJ7 (bondo, galvanized plates etc). Over 84 videos, covering 225 days in the workshop, the guy turns a basket case into a beautiful-looking car. Some controversial steps along the way. The guy clearly has a background in restoration and his enthusiasm and skills shine through.

For season 2 he is restoring a 1954 Austin-Healey 100.

There is also a playlist called "Austin-Healey Service Manual" that shows numerous service techniques (take car his interpretation of the Rule of 13 in "valve gap 6 cylinder which doesn't look correct to me).

If you have a bit of time on your hands it is well worth a look.


Season 1 - 1962 Austin Healey BJ7
Link to day 1

Season 2 - 1954 Austin Healey 100
Link to day 1

Austin Healey Service Manual

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Rob Glasgow

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I just finished Season 1 where he rebuilt at BT7 Mark II. I watched it all and frankly was amazed he would even undertake such a corroded vehicle. You just have to support his enthusiasm. I don’t know much about him other than his name is Carl or Karl and he lives in Belgium or France.

He does everything himself using a minimal amount of tools. The end result was amazing. I’m just sorry that he didn’t video some actual driving the car. I had restored my BT7 a few years ago so watching Carl go thru the same steps was a wonderful replay. I started to watch Series 2 but soon realized I needed to take a break from the rebuild process, even if it’s on only video.

Anyone have any more info on Carl? Has he posted here?

Rob Glasgow

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Thanks Phil. I think it’s a BT7. The BJ7 series had roll up windows and a fold down top I believe. Good to see Karl was happy with it after all that work.


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Excellent job!

But I wish he'd tell us how he managed to get the needle on his fuel gauge to stop fluctuating! I've tried everything from fitting capacitors to the sender to swapping the orientation of the sender in the tank but it still fluctuates.

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