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You Tube made me do it. I bought a Milwaukee dry cut saw.


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Just used my new toy for the first time on the car project cutting strips of sheet for the floor support repair. Probable overkill for the job but what a joy to clamp a straight edge to the steel sheet and just zip off a strip in seconds. Straight edge no burrs.

It is said to be able to cut up to 3/4" steel plate! I can see a lot of uses in the future for it.

A Northern Tool buy.


Milwaukee saw.jpg


Luke Skywalker
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Very interesting! Can you tell us more? Which u-tube video. How does it work... curious minds want to know!

(Per a Google search on "Milwaukee dry cut saw" leads me to a page on the Milwaukee Tools web page, stating the product is no longer available - similar to the first Northern Tool hit.)


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Very cool! and a worthy addition, and at the same time all I can imagine is explaining to SWMBO

"yes dear and not only that, remember when you had all that 3/4" steel plate to be cut? Well now I can do it!"

:yesnod: :whistle: :lol: :banana:


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This thing is opening up all sorts of avenues.
I have some 1/2" x 3" flat that I have had for some time. Every time I need to use a piece it was Hack Saw time now I can just wizz a piece off in seconds.
Going to make top plates for my axle stands so they will have a nice surface to go under the TR3 frame.



Obi Wan
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That seems like a great tool. I never knew such a thing even existed. Now I have a problem...

But I know the situation. Here's what the internet forced me to buy. It's a Miller 211 MIG welder. Runs off 220V or 110V, but it makes good welds in surprisingly thick metal even on 110V. It is largely automated--you set the wire size, metal thickness, and type of gas and weld, and it sets the wire speed and power. It sounds like a cute idea that wouldn't work well, but it actually works quite nicely. After struggling incessantly with my old, cheapo welder, this one is a dream to use.
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