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XK120 Interior... and Interiors in General



So I'm not a buyer for this one (unless I really stretched the budget), I'm more of a "hey check out that $3800 fixer TR3 30 miles away that I was a few hours late on snagging and lost out on, that would be a fun project that I'd definitely have more money into than just buying one that's already finished" type of guy. It is a curse, or am I just an idiot? Probably a bit of both. But I want something to wrench on, and drive.

But with that said, I'm looking at Hagerty's values for a '51 XK120, and thinking that man, a finished interior could really bring that price up. Why would a person not finish it out, since it doesn't seem like you'd need a Concours interior to at least get into a higher sale bracket? I get that we're not seeing a whole picture, and that we're... missing pictures, I suppose, but I'm just curious. It's a mix of inexperience, and interest. It's not the first car I've seen where the interior isn't finished out, that people are moving on from. What's up with it? Happy to read your thoughts on that, as I keep looking for my first project.


Darth Vader
Mostly a reason of not finishing the interior is budget already blown. $3800+ for a kit but to install could be another $5K. So there is $8K more. Shop I worked at did a lot of body then customer brought back to do interior. Had one sell the car after the paint was done, no interior.
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