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XK120 fuse problem?


Freshman Member
I was wondering if anyone knows if the horn, headlights, turn signals, wipers, and fuel gauge are wired together under the same fuse... as they all stopped working around the same time. Any advice is appreciated!



Jedi Warrior
I don't know the answer to your question, but if you get a wiring diagram, the answer will be there. In addition, it will save y ou many heartaches in the future.


Darth Vader
These older Jags have only two or four fuses. Since it is your steering column, yes to all on the same circuit. Make sure column is grounded. Just might have to dissemble and check wiring. Old wires get brittle and break inside insulation. Patience and no forcing of issue as it will be delicate. An old Autoball Manual has wiring diagrahms and some research through JCNA will be of use. Test light and voltmeter will be tools of choice. Most old Jags were junked because of wiring issues behind dash. Dash is capable of being tilted out and all connections will be revealed. Headlight switch can be culprit. Have found burnt wires in that area that can totally disable car.


Darth Vader
P.S. If you get a book with wiring diagram and memorize the wire colors, you will be able to now wiring for all older British cars.
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