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XJ8 rides rough


Freshman Member
My 96K mile 99 XJ8 used to have a soft yet firm ride, but two years ago it was stuck in ice and snow and I rocked it pretty hard to get free. Ever since the ride has been very harsh and I feel every small bump and crack in the road. Shocks feel fine with proper rebound, I have jacked the car up and there is no wheel play, tires are new with recent alignment, handling is fine, etc. Going over larger bumps gives me the sensation that something is "loose" in the suspension but I've looked and see nothing obvious. Suggestions?


Staff member
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Does this car have the automatic rear ride height system? That would be my first suspect, you might have damaged a pipe or a valve, stopping the system from de-pressurising.....

Just a hunch.


Jedi Knight
Or at 96K in might just need a set of shockers.
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