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Wire wheel paint


Jedi Trainee
I've used rustoleum aluminum and it looks good. It's not the original color, but it's not an overbearing silver color. Gives em' a nice shine.
But paint color is like beauty as it's in the eye of the beholder!!!!!


If you mean local parts store brands, I haven't found any that I'm as happy with as the Moss paint. It's worth waiting a day or two for in my opinion. There's no other shade quite like it that I've found.


Luke Skywalker
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Moss rattle can is the right shade. Be sure that the wheels are clean and free of any laquer based primers or top coatings...it will lift and you will have wrinkle coated wheels!


Well I've been scrubbing these things with degreaser for weeks, think I've got them pretty clean. Thought i might take em down to the diy carwash and really blast the @%&$ out of them. Am going to prime with epoxy primer. Yeah I probably should use the Moss paint. what I used in the past (1992). Hate a big shipping charge on a can of paint. D


Luke Skywalker
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I would prep with wax and grease remover and use self etching primer. Order two cans of Moss paint. Is the temp high enough in your area to spray?


Jedi Warrior
I took Moss's can of W/W paint to the auto paint store and had them mix up a batch of 2 stage paint that I sprayed. Came out great and I didn't have to ration the amount used. Rick


Luke Skywalker
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Most paint suppliers will match paint colour and put it in a can. You will need to purchase a pint of the colour first and is not cost effective.


Jedi Hopeful
If you want a durable, inexpensive rattle-can paint go with Dupli-Color Engine Enamel. It's the perfect shade of "warm-silver".

DE1650 Cast Coat Aluminum
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