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Wire wheel hub removal & suspension tear down


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I am tearing apart my wire wheel front suspension for an inspection and rebuild. After removing the wheel it appears that the dust cap is recessed in the hub with a 5/16 stud sticking out. How do you get the dust cover off and remove the hub? Also when trying to separate the A arm from the spindle I can't get the tapered pin out. I tried driving it out with a brass rod and hammer. And, the plug that goes over the fulcrum pin (it appears to be aluminum) is frozen. HELP


You will need to fo some improvising. To pull the hub cap how about a piece of strap with a hole drilled in it and bent at 90 degrees. Put a nut on and lever the hub cap out. There are ball joint pullers made but if you put a heavy hammer up against one side of the arm next to the taper and hit the other side with a slightly smaller hammer after loosening the nut of course, it should break free. As to the plug with the grease zerk in it, the whole assembly usually needs replacing anyway.



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I wouldn't bother trying to remove the lower fulcrum pin. The A-arm is usually stripped out and the fulcrum pin is often seized. You'll probably want to re-bush the swivels, so you'll need to get a major front end kit. That will give you new king pins and new fulcrum pins. Now just buy new A-arms and you'll be good to go.


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I had 2 sets of front suspension. After using heat and a cut off wheel I got it all apart. I used a cut off wheel on two of the fulcrum pins and pressed the piece of fulcrum pin out of the swivel pin. I was able to save one good swivel pin and two wishbones. All of the swivel pin bushings were tight. With new fulcrum pins the two wishbones were tight. Saved a few bucks but it took about a days work. It looks like it will be fun getting cotter pins back in when I re install the hubs.
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