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Wipers Restored


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I was working on the dash and while digging out the wiper switch, I realized the wiper motor and hardware had never been cleaned up.


All the parts got a good bath in gasoline, followed by “Oil Eater” for the non-ferrous parts, and Evapo-rust for anything with rust. After a little steel-wool and wire-wheeling, it all cleaned up good.


The steel motor housing was originally crinkle black. I 'm going to paint mine the same or use hammered black. I've not seen crinkle black in stores. The steel cover plate was just nickle plated, some of which is gone. Thinking of painting it engine gray, matte metallic nickel, or aluminum.


More pics in my blog


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Very nice. I've got to tackle that one of these days.


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Unfortunately, wipers are a must have for inspection in Texas, if not, they would have been gone and the holes filled in. It was kind of fun to see how they work.


Moss used to sell wrinkle paint for the steel dash cars if you want to go that way.



All spridgets 64 through 67 and all MGB's beginning production through 67. Perhaps others that don't come to mind right now.

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