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Windshield Wipers Park Backwards


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Well after much cussing and ranting I have finally got the wipers installed and the dash and defrosters back together. I could not get the wiper connections from the harness to reach the motor until the dash was installed, so I just ran a hot wire and a ground to the wiper motor to check the movement. All was well..... so I thought. When the dash was installed I finished the final wiring to the wiper motor from the switch and installed the wiper arms and blades where I had marked them so they would park in the right position. When I turned the switch on the wiper arms parked 180 degrees out of position! Looking at the various manuals I have I see I can open the motor cover and reset the limit switch 180 degrees. Due to the fact that I have converted to negative ground could it be that the motor is running backwards? Would switching the positive and negative wires allow the wiper arms to park ( or Stop ) in the correct position? Thanks Much, Don


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Iknow the answer to this one as it's come up before but I think it has something to do with where the wipers are initially positioned when you insert the cable in the drive. It's not the limit switch, don't fool with that. When you initially turn on the wipers which way do they want to go? They should want to go from pointing at PS to go towards DS. Frank C. has the answer on this one.


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Facing the car, the wipers sweep from about the 10 o'clock position to the 2 o'clock position. They park at the 10 o'clock position. Running them hot bypassing the switch they were set to start at the 2:30 position but didn't park.....just stopped when the current was disconnected. I don't have a battery installed yet, I'm using a 12 volt jumper box until I get the electronics de- bugged.


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As long as they don't slap the cowl and work properly, it's just the park switch.
Loosen the 4 screws around the gear collar, rotate the cap with the red wire (wiper switch and key on) until they park where you want them too.
They should park pointing to the drivers side.


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Thanks Spritenut!!!!!!!!!!!!! That did the trick, Rotated the cap counterclockwise until the wipers parked (drivers side) at almost 3 o'clock. Now I can move on to getting my Ohio Dept. of Transportation inspection out of the way.
Thanks Again, Don
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