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Windshield Seal Won't Lie Down


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Just finished putting my BJ7's windshield together and fitting it to the car. Oddly, the rubber seal on the bottom has curled up along its length. Most pronounced in the corners. Would have the effect of an air scoop funneling air into the car under the windshield. How do I get that seal to lie down on the shroud?
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If what andrewss suggests does not work then you may have to remove one of the end pieces and pull the seal a bit to tighten it ( re trimming the end of course) then as it is fit to the shroud it will draw down and stretch without the puckers.
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I have a bit of this issue with my BN6 too, but just one (1) small area where it's lifted off the cowl__maybe 1" long.

When I received the seal, it was wound up pretty tight, so first thing I did with it was to unravel it, and suspend it from the rafters with a light weight on the end. This helped a lot, but never quite got out that one bump. Not being one to rush into anything__and my own cars are usually the last to get my attention__it probably hung like that for several months...

I too tried the heat gun/tape, as well as rubber dressings (Ghumi-Phledge__it's a German thing) and though better, nothing has been a complete fix. I'm tempted to keep buying more seals from the various sources, until I get one that's not kinked, but if you know how much fun they are to replace, you learn to ignore it!

The first seal I put in seemed to deteriorate within two (<2) years, and I ordered the one mentioned above.
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