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Windscreen replace options


Jedi Hopeful
Anyone have a recommendation on who can fit a windscreen to my GT6 in the Dallas Fort Worth area? I've called a couple of places and noone seems to want to have anything to do with it. I have the replacement windscreen already, I just need to pay someone to pop it in, preferably without having to carry them both somewhere.


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It is a 2-3 person job but you can do it yourself - just do the rope trick and lube up with gasket with some soapy water. Two people on the outside to maintain pressure, and one on the inside to pull the gasket into position with the rope.

I mean you've done everything on that car, why stop now!

edit: Here's a quick link to at least the discussion of the rope trick:
rope trick

I did it last time on my Spitfire when I lived in Plano.. about 20 years ago unfortunately so I can't be that extra pair of hands to help out!


Jedi Hopeful
It was mostly because I put in the last one, but the rope (twine) kept breaking. :p So I ended up having to press the seal in with a screwdriver. Got to the last 1" of seal, and nicked the corner. "Crack" all the way to the top.

My 928 has a cracked windshield, and Hagerty paid for the replacement, so I was hoping to find one place that could do both cars, and just pay them to pop in the GT6 windshield while they're here.


For future reference, if you do decide to try this yourself (sorry... haven't read the Pelican link above which may state this) use larger cord, not twine.

I use mason's line that is similar to the pull cord on a lawn mower. Use something 5/32" diameter or larger. Small cords are hard to pull and they tend to cut the rubber seal. Overlap the cord about 2 feet at the center, bottom of the seal and use the 2 helpers Randy mentioned as you pull the cord and work your way up and over the top.

Where I have needed to lift or pry the seal, I use plastic putty knives. Screwdrivers can apply too much force and/or slip and ruin you or the paint.

Andrew Mace

Staff member
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Richter12x2 said:
...I ended up having to press the seal in with a screwdriver. Got to the last 1" of seal, and nicked the corner. "Crack" all the way to the top....
Oooh, that brings back painful memories of being not quite 17 and trying to repair the '64 Herald convertible I'd just wrecked. I'd found a parts car that yielded the bonnet and windshield, but this unthinking neophyte tried just a bit too hard with a screwdriver and watched in great pain as a crack quickly ran top to bottom on the "good" windshield. A trip to a local junkyard took another $25 (1970 money) out of my meager savings in addition to the $100 I'd spent on the parts car; I was much more careful with that second piece of glass.

Ironically, I still have the parts car, long since reassembled into a whole and then stored...for the last 39 years!


Senior Member
I broke the original windshield in my Spit taking it out trying to save the old gasket that I replaced anyway. Bought a used windshield on ebay, it arrived broken; the seller refunded my money including shipping. I broke the a new windshield trying to install it with me pushing on the outside and my son pulling on a coated wire inside.

Needless to say I was leery about trying again but I couldn't find anyone who would do it (quick enough) and I wanted to drive my car that day (after 6 year restoration).

So using a 1/4" nylon robe, lubed up, I did it by myself in about 45 minutes and it is perfect. Use a heavier rope 1/4" - I might even go thicker if I had to do it again.

Good Luck



Jedi Hopeful
I think I'll have to go that way. I've called three places here locally and I don't think I'd deal with any of them. I haven't even been able to mention the Triumph, I can't even get them to work on the 928!
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