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window weather strips


Jedi Warrior
How do you reinstall the outside rubber weather strip , specifically those 6 or 7 bast$%^& clips?? I was able to do the furry side ok.


How do you remove the vent window, to replace the rubber under it? I undid the three bolts under it and the 2 bolts on the inside edge of the door.

added later I found this
yea sure,, I'll run right out and buy one, ...Not.

Now I know what to make....hmm what to make it out of.???
I would like to try to help you, but I can't even write about this job without cursing and Basil has a no cursing policy.


Jedi Trainee
you do it the impatient way like me......

the door panels were off, you could get many of the clips when they fell to the bottom of the door. Pinch them with needle nose pliers and try again. Eventually I got half of them back in place, combination of luck fitting the strip into the clips that stayed in place, and skill in reinstalling the clips from the open door cavity. I cheated and used a little super glue to hold the strip in a couple of places.

Around the vent window, I made a little relief cut at the front of the door so that I could place the rubber with the vent window partially pulled out. Again, a little super glue helped with the less perfect areas.

Finally, apply neosporin and band-aids to all of the cuts on your hands.

eventually, I'm going to strip and repaint the car, I'll do it right when I do the strip down for the repaint


Jedi Warrior
well i figured out how to reinstall the clips, both sides in ten minutes total not each side. No cuts no swearing. I used number 17 on this page. https://www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=29306
I bent one end half way up through the hole into a small v shape to hold the clip, the other end i bent into a nice curve, where it narrows so I could place my finger in the curve and lift with some force.

Slipped a clip in, slide the "tool" in place , pulled and done,, next, next next,,, so happy with new rubber.

Now to get the darn vent window rubber done.. HOW ...HMMMM???? thinking
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