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TR2/3/3A Why it is important to change brake fluid


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Working on getting a TR3B back on the road for a friend. One problem was the clutch was not working. The clutch pedal just flopped around.

Ordered a new MC and in preparation to changing the MC I vacuumed the fluid from the brake/clutch reservoir. Removed the reservoir and cleaned it out with alcohol.

This is what I collected in the jar.

Fitted the new MC, refilled the reservoir, applied my vacuum device to the SC, cracked the bleeder. The Clutch works fine now.

brake fluid.jpg


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Yow! Is that water on top of the oil, or curd settling to the bottom of the oil?

Thanks for sharing.


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Not sure if it is water on top of oil or what but the reservoir needed cleaning out. No rust in the reservoir.



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I do not think anything has been done to this car in many years.
The owner did not know what fluid was in the system so I am going with DOT3 as it the most likely fluid to have been used and I am doing a complete fluid flush.

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