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General Tech Why I love old cars


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Had a rock hit the fog light on my Wife's 2016 Honda HRV. Should be no big deal to swap out a fog light right? With the help of you tube and some (Why do they do this?) All the fasteners are plastic with the exception of two philips head screws. Of course some of the plastic clips broke while removing. At $4 a pop at the honda dealer it sure can add up. After about 4 hours the car is back together and everything works. I really like working on my old cars and the new cars, it is more of a chore.



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Yes, I think all of us have had a similar experience. One note, though: check ebay and do a search for those plastic clips. Probably you can get a big bag of them for a few bucks. I found that there are only a few kinds of those clips used on Toyotas, and many nonstandard ones fit, as well. I have a nice stock of them for my MR2 and Camry. $4 for those suckers is robbery.

I need to put a new top on my 2003 MR2 Spyder. $500 for the top is OK, but a youtube video on replacement scared the bejeezes out of me. I can't imagine that anyone would replace it for less than another $500. So, maybe I'll live with it a little longer--the rainy season here is about over.
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