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Why can't I stay logged in to this site without entering user and password info?


Jedi Warrior
I click the "keep me logged in" option, but it logs me out anyway after a few hours or so. It worked well until a few months ago, and all the other sites that I visit keep me logged in. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.


Staff member
Not too long ago I was doing some work on the site related to the encrypted connection (https:smile:. Unfortunately some of the changes had unintended consequences that seems to be affecting some people who have had the site bookmarked.

Try this:

If you have the site bookmarked - delete that book mark.
Then, go here: https://www.britishcarforum.com/bcf/forum.php

Book mark the page again.

Log in and check the “Remember me” check box.

Hopefully things will work as they should.




Jedi Warrior
Basil, Thanks, I did not have the site bookmarked. I now bookmarked the site, logged out, and logged back in. We will see if that makes a difference.


Great Pumpkin
Blue - many browsers these days prevent saving cookies from various websites. Logins are stored as cookies.

See if your browser has a cookie setting; make sure it's not set to prevent and/or erase cookies.

Also, if you *close* (exit) your browser, it often erases cookies without you knowing it. You might also want to check your browser settings to see if it's clearing everything that was stored during the session.
Tom M.


Jedi Warrior
I looked at the cookies setting, and it is not blocking saving cookies. And I rarely close my browser or shut down the computer; maybe once or twice a month. I even went so far as to add this website in the browser as a site to remain logged into. I have not had to do that with any other websites. It made no difference; the next time I refreshed the page, I had to log in again. I am not having this issue with any other sites that I frequently visit. Oh well, it's not that difficult to log in each time.


Staff member
1. Clear your cookies.
2. Log Out.
3. Close your browser.
4. Open your browser.
5. Type this into the address bar: [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]https://www.britishcarforum.com/bcf/forum.php (don't come here by clicking on any other links)
6. Log in again (check the remember me box)
7. Book mark the page once you are logged in.
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