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Wedge who has best price on panasport rims for tr7


i was wondering if anyone knows to get best price on panasports.i seen in the moss catalog they have 15 inch for tr7.they are usually priced high and they want $280 per wheel


They have 10% off right now. You just missed 20% by 2 weeks. If you aren't desperate you might want to wait until something similar rolls round again.


Luke Skywalker

I'd second the recommendation for the Superlite Wheels at the above link... They are a whole lot cheaper than Panasports and very hard to tell one from the other. I think the Superlite standard wheel is a little bit lighter than the street version of Panasport. And, Superlites are made in the UK, like your car, rather than Japan, like Panasports.

Superlites are offered in 13x6, 14x6 and 15x6 sizes for TR7. Personally, I've always thought TR7 would look better with larger diameter wheels than were originally fitted.

I plan to try a set of Superlites next time I need wheels.


Alan Myers
San Jose, Calif.
'62 TR4 CT17602L


Jedi Trainee
I bought 15x6 superlites for my MGB. They are beautiful! Much prettier than the Minilite copies that the big three sell. I bought mine on EBay. Do an ebay search on Superlite. I forget the name of the seller.


Jedi Hopeful
Superlite Wheels are made in Australia. See
I have no $ interest. I did call Australia to confirm, as I was confused by a web site in the UK.
Superlites are sold by Pack Racing Products Prescott AZ, which is where I purchased my wheels from. They are very nice to deal with.


Obi Wan
Country flag
The confusion is that there are two companies that sell "mini" pattern wheels with the name "Superlite". /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazyeyes.gif

Performance Alloy Wheels of Australia has a model called the "Superlite". These are the ones that Pack Racing Products sells.

Superlite Wheels Ltd. in England makes a whole line that's obviously called "Superlite" and has a number of different models and styles. (If you go to the "photofile" section of Superlite UK's website the Jensen Healey shown is mine.)



Jedi Hopeful
I have Superlites on my TR6. I took off the standard steel wheels along with the trim rings and center cap, with 195/15 (yes 195)Redlines. I put them on a bathroom scale.
Total weight 46 pounds.
Per Pack Racing my 15x6 Superlites come in at 18.9 pounds and per Pirelli my 215/70/r15 P4000 Super Touring tires come in at 25 pounds. Total weight of new tires and wheels comes to 43.9 pounds. So I was able to go to a larger tire on a wider wheel and stay under the weight of the older set of same.
I know some of the other wheels on the market weigh less. But the cost benifit must be considered.
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