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T-Series which way is correct


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My next question is, In my "T" series manual it says the dudgeon pin clamp bolt should be on the right hand side of the engine. It was in that position by my dismantling marks, When I look at a cross section of the engine in the manual it shows it on the left hand side(opposite to the cam shaft, and the oil hole is on that side of the con rod). Further along in the manual it says with the MG"B: it must face the cam shaft side. Its not an MG"B" engine but I have 2 ways of describing , the same thing, So do I stick with the original assembly with the clamp bolt on the same side as the camshaft, or do I install as per the manual diagram Not liking to take a punt what's the correct way. Saltiga


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Unless someone comes up with a logical explanation why it should be changed from it's original position, I would put it back the way it came apart. Remember, MGT engines and MGB engines are different in design, I would not use any MGB info to rebuild an MGT engine. If you don't have one, get a rebuild manual or manuals for your engine. JMHO, PJ


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The RH side of the engine is viewed from the rear of the car looking forward, therefore placing the camshaft on the LH side. The gudgeon pin clamp bolts should be opposite the camshaft. The cross section of the engine in the manual is from the front looking toward the rear. A lot of great info can be found with a Google search " XPAG engine".


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Definitely on the side opposite the camshaft. I don't know why it matters, but I assume there's a good reason.



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The clamp bolt should be on the Thrust side of the piston, so that the mighty force of the explosion doesn't try to open up the split in the con-rod.
That's the theory, as taught to me many years ago with reference to Austin Sevens, though true for all engines.
Assuming normal clockwise rotation (when looked at from the front) then the Thrust side is the Right side (when looked at from the rear). Position of camshaft is irrelevant, though handy for remembering.

Please do not ask why we speak of rotation from the front, side from the rear, or other arcane mysteries. They just are.
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