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TR4/4A Where to buy this aluminium extrusion?


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Currently modifying the door glass weatherseal on an aftermarket f/g surrey top.
Looking for some alloy channel...see attached pics.


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  • rail.jpg
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Thanks Tom.....the profile that I require is similar to the channel that is attached to the windshield posts.


Luke Skywalker
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It looks like the channel found on the TR6 convertible top. It holds the seal at the top of the door glass. part# 712400 or 621281 Or the seal on the front rail at the top 713036

Sorry TRF part numbers


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This is the C channel that I require as seen in attached pic.
The channel is attached to the windshield frame post to hold the rubber seal.


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If you can use steel as you show on the A post picture, I believe that is still available from the normal suppliers. Part number 750163 for example on the Moss-Europe site is the steel retainer for the backlight. Moss in the US has part number 802-060 in 24" lengths.
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